Order a Contaminated Currency Kit

Pro-Tec Deluxe Contaminated Currency Kit

Product ID: 970-0024


Product Description

Contaminated currency is currency that has been damaged by or exposed to contaminants, poses a health hazard or safety risk, and cannot be processed under normal operating

Contaminated Currency Packaging instructions

Deluxe Kit Contains:

  • 2 Pair Nitrile Gloves with extended cuff
  • 1 Moldex Respirator N95 Safety Mask
  • 1 Pair FlipEase Eye Shield
  • 5-12 x 16 inner bags
  • 5-19 x 24 outer bags
  • 5-Yellow Contaminated Currency adhesive labels
  • 5-Red Biohazard adhesive labels
  • 5-FedCash Services Contaminated Money Notification forms